LG Tub Clean Cycle: A Step-by-Step Tutorial


LG Tub Clean Cycle is a must-have option within your LG tub washer. Cleanliness of your washing machine helps it to perform optimally, last longer, and ensure washing of fresh clothes every time. This detailed article will discuss the concept of tub cleaning cycle when using and LG washer, its benefits, and other useful care maintenance guidelines to protect the integrity of your appliance.

The Tub Clean cycle, how does it work on an LG washer?

A specialized cleaning regimen known as tub clean cycle clears the residue, mold, and odd smells that can eventually build up inside your washing machine. This is as if you offer your washer a day in spa. LG tub clean cycle is an important aspect for washers maintenance, ensuring that drums’ interiors are clean and hygienic.

Using Tub clean on your LG washer

The process of using the tub-clean cycle on your LG washer is simple.

Here are some steps to help you get started:

Prepare the Washer: Confirm that the drum is completely empty before you run the tub clean cycle. Get rid of all the unnecessary clothes and materials.

Select the Tub Clean Cycle: Switch on and engage the “Tub Clean” option in the washer. This may be referred to as one cycle, which can also be indicated through a tub icon on the panel.

Adjust Settings: However, some customize options like water temperature and spin speed can be adjusted, but normally, there are enough preset options to suit a tub clean cycle. You can as well put in some little bit of detergent into the detergent drawer; however, this is usually optional.

Start the Cycle: Push the start button for a tub clean cycle. For a fixed period of time, water will flow into the washer and the agitation will take place. Removes any buildup in the drum through this process.

Wipe Down the Door and Seal: Take advantage of this time by cleaning the door, seal, and detergent tray using damp cloth while the cycle is still on. Accumulation of the dirt and residue is possible in these areas as well.

Completion and Maintenance: When the tub clean cycle gets over open the door of washer to give the much need air flow and minimize on dampness that might cause mold and odor. Make sure that you also frequently check and wash the detergent tray and lint filter so as to keep the laundry as clean as best possible.

Other tricks for a great clean of a tub

In addition to running the tub clean cycle, here are some extra tips to ensure your LG washer stays in optimal condition:

Regularly clean the filter: With time, the debris can accumulate on your washer which has a filter or lint trap.Make sure you clean it out on a regular basis to keep it from getting clogged and to make sure it drains well.

Use high-efficiency (HE) detergent.: HE detergents are made to work with front-load washers like LG models as well which eliminate dirt buildup and reduce foam.

Avoid overloading: However, it is advisable to avoid overloading the washer because this may put strains on the machine and affect its overall performance. Make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s recommended load size.

The importance of LG tub clean cycle

A clean wash for washing machine is not enough; it’s a clean & healthy environment for washing of clothes. Let’s dive deeper into the importance of using the LG Tub Clean Cycle:

Preventing Mold and Bacteria: Mold and germs thrive in warm and moist environments like washing machines. The use of the tub clean cycle enables removal of the microscopic germs hence safeguarding your garments from possible contaminants.

Maintaining Freshness: However, you should beware of an unpleasant odor your wash could leave on clothes as they will then not be fresh. Regular “Tub Clean” cycle makes your house smell clean while this freshness is reflected in your “Laundry”.

Energy Efficiency: Clean washing machine works better. You will need to consume little energy and water to accomplish the same tasks thus reducing your utility costs and environmental footprint.

Prolonging Machine Lifespan: Maintaining your LG washer entails performing the tub clean cycle, which prolongs its life span. Regular maintenance and lubrication of a machine reduces the chances of breakdowns hence saving you considerable expenses that may be incurred due to major repairs or replacement.

Running a tub clean cycle on LG wash tower

LG Wash Tower, a vertical clothes-washer and dryer combo. The similar basic steps apply when you want to run the tub clean cycle for this appliance. The control panel as well as layout may be different from normal front loading or top loading washers, however. For a specific set of guidelines, on your LG Wash Tower, refer to its user manual.

The LG tub clean cycle frequency

One of the questions might be, how frequently should the tub clean cycle be operated? Frequency depends upon various factors which include water hardness, detergents used and washing machines frequency of use. Here are some general guidelines:

Monthly: For many users, it is recommended to run the tub clean cycle only once a month and with an HE laundry detergent when using LGE washer having a high efficiency.

Bi-Monthly: You may also want to perform the tub clean cycle about every two months in hard water areas or when using conventional detergent and preventing mineral deposits.

Every Three Months: Users of infrequent washers or people who live in soft water zones should run the tub empty cycle after every three months.

When Needed: In case of any unpleasant smells or mould signs, use the tub clean cycle as required to resolve it.


LG tub clean cycle is a very important step on which the performance, hygiene, and long life of your washer depends. This guide shows the easy steps to follow so that you understand that routine wash tub cleaning is important if your LG washer has to continue giving you quality clean laundry for many more years to come.

For special instructions and features, always keep your user manual handy for your particular model. Happy washing! Both your LG washer and clothes will be grateful for doing this. The best way to enjoy a problem-free laundromat, as well as maximize on your investment, is with regular maintenance.

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