Kitchen Remodeling – Preparing for a Baby

There’s a tiny human on the way, and suddenly, your home improvement to-do list gets a baby-sized makeover. Painting the garage floor or organizing the master bedroom closet? Those can probably chill for a bit. But some renovations are a must before the baby’s grand entrance.

Whether it’s about ensuring your little one’s safety, reducing noise, and keeping things convenient, here are some kitchen remodeling tips from Paragon Builders – Kitchen Remodeling experts. However, you don’t have to do them all at once, but if they’re on your radar, tackling them sooner is the game’s name.

Baby-Proof Everything

One of the important tasks to prioritize before the arrival of your baby is ensuring that your home, especially your kitchen, is baby-proof. Make sure the sharp corners and edges are padded to make them baby-friendly.

The electrical sockets of your appliances must be covered since a toddler’s tiny hands are just too curious for their good. Furthermore, secure your cabinets and hide everything that could harm your baby. Make sure that your small kitchen appliances and cables are out of reach.

Build an Accessible Kitchen

You want your kitchen makeover to scream style and welcome to the pitter-patter of tiny feet. Consider a chic tiled kitchen that sets the stage for happy family moments. A ground-floor plan is essential to tie the knot between inclusivity and aesthetics.

When expecting a baby, build an accessible kitchen with shelves, drawers, and ovens at the perfect height. At the same time, roomy walkways and lowered countertops ensure smooth navigation for baby gear and strollers.

Upgrade Kitchen Appliances

If you’re expecting a baby or have a newborn, you’re probably aware that babies require a lot of care. They tend to make a mess, and you’ll constantly do laundry and wash bottles. If you’ve been considering upgrading your kitchen appliances, such as your dishwasher or washing machine, it’s best to do it before the baby arrives. This way, you’ll have one less thing to worry about when the baby comes.

You want to avoid finding yourself in a situation where you have dirty dishes and clothes to wash and no time to do it. Therefore, it’s better to tackle this task earlier rather than later. By upgrading your appliances, you’ll have a more efficient and effective way of handling the extra workload of a new baby.

Refinish the Kitchen Floors

Your kitchen floors are more crucial than you might think when expecting a baby. Before your little one turns into a crawling expert, you want a safe and easy-to-clean surface.

Most flooring refinishing, mainly hardwood, takes days to cure and releases fumes. Babes are like little smell detectives, so it is safer to get the kitchen floor makeover done and dusted before your bundle of joy makes a grand entrance.

Stain and Paint Projects

When tackling stain or paint projects, it’s a good idea to get them done before the little one arrives. Even if you’re using low-VOC stuff, it’s still possible for the fumes to be a bit much for a baby or a mom-to-be. If you’re an expecting mom and are eager to get your hands dirty with some paint, throw on a mask and ensure the room is well-ventilated.

Mold Remediation

Before you get lost in nursery décor ideas, ensuring your kitchen is mold-free is important. Mold spores may be tiny troublemakers, causing breathing hiccups and allergies, especially for your little one’s delicate system. Also, pregnant ladies aren’t immune, either. So, the best thing to do before your baby arrives is to sort out those mold issues. It is also best to stay in a hotel for your baby’s safety during mold remediation.

Reuse and Repurpose

When preparing your kitchen for a baby, you probably think of changing everything and buying new kitchen appliances, which might not be a good idea, especially if you’re on a budget.

You can use recycled wooden crates to create wall-mounted wonders, base cabinets, flooring, and wood shelves. You can stain everything in the deep, rich palette to enhance its aesthetics for a pulled-together vibe.


Every home is different, and since everyone has a different taste, expecting parents should make those baby-prep kitchen remodeling work. Consider the kitchen remodeling tips mentioned. However, don’t forget to match the vibe with your situation. Also, check your home’s vibe and budget before making your priority list.