Imaray Ulloa: From Cuban Roots to Global Recognition


In the huge world of social media, some people stand out and get the attention and feelings of millions. One of these famous people is Imaray Ulloa, a Cuban actor, model, singer, and influencer who lives in the exciting city of Miami. We want to look into all the different parts of Imaray’s life, from her early problems to her meteoric rise on social media, as well as her artistic journey, personal relationships, and the scandals that have shaped her career. Let’s start a thorough journey through the fascinating world of Imaray Ulloa.

Early Life and Background

The story of Imaray Ulloa starts on May 19, 1990, in the beautiful province of Sancti Spíritus in Cuba. Her family moved to Havana when she was only three years old, so fate had other plans for her. They didn’t know it at the time, but this move would eventually lead Imaray into the arts and entertainment world.

But there were some hard parts along the way. When Imaray was only 8, she was exposed to a chemical that burned her whole stomach and put her life in danger. This terrible event changed her life and showed how strong and determined she was to deal with problems at such a young age.

Age, Family, and Personal Life

In 2024, Imaray Ulloa will have turned 32 years old. Her birthday was May 19, 2022. People often ask her about her family and personal life, despite how she acts in public. Imaray doesn’t have any kids of her own, but she is very close to her niece and loves her like a daughter. But there have been rumours and problems in her personal life as well.

In a controversial video that she shared at one point, Imaray seemed to say that she was in the early stages of pregnancy. Her fans were talking and getting excited about this, but it turned out to be a joke. This kind of thing shows how Imaray can connect and entertain her audience by blurring the lines between humour and reality.

Artistic Career: From Cuba to Miami

Imaray Ulloa’s first steps as an actress were in Cuba, where she learned and worked in kids theatre, specialising in theatrical performances and puppet shows. Her early experiences with the performing arts set the stage for what she would do in the future. After finishing school, Imaray took the brave step of moving to the United States, where she finally settled in the lively city of Miami.

Moving to a new country didn’t stop Imaray from following her dream of becoming an actress. To make money, she did a lot of different jobs, like working in a cafeteria and a beauty shop. Even with all of these problems, Imaray stayed connected to her artistic roots. To make sure she didn’t lose touch with her skill, she often did free theatre performances.

The character “Tóxica,” which became famous on social media sites, was a big step forward in her career. Starting on TikTok and then moving to Instagram, Imaray’s role as “Tóxica” struck a chord with viewers, showing off her funny timing and ability to connect with them on a personal level.

When she appeared in the short film “El Mar y Él,” which won praise and awards, including the Best Short award at the New Jersey Summer Film Festival in 2015, her skills went beyond the digital world. It was Imaray’s skill at combining traditional acting with the way things work on social media that made her famous in the Cuban community in the United States.

Social Media Stardom and Collaborations

Imaray Ulloa’s ascent to social media stardom wasn’t solely a result of her acting prowess; it was also fueled by her engaging content and collaborations. Initially using platforms like Instagram to share glimpses of her life and promote healthy habits, Imaray gradually evolved into a sought-after Cuban influencer.

One of the defining collaborations that contributed to her popularity was the creation of the series “Neither moon nor honey” with her then-partner, Yubrán Luna. The series provided a humorous and relatable portrayal of a typical couple’s experiences, resonating with a broad audience and gaining traction on social media.

The success of this series opened doors for Imaray as companies sought her out for product endorsements and promotions. Her singular beauty and the health and beauty advice she shared contributed to her becoming a sought-after Cuban influencer. Imaray’s follower count on Instagram surpassed 4 million, and her popularity extended to other platforms like Facebook and TikTok.

Imaray’s versatility as an artist shone through as she ventured into singing, releasing songs like “Amor y Paz.” Her foray into modeling also proved successful, with numerous job opportunities coming her way despite the fierce competition in the industry. Imaray’s ability to leverage her artistic abilities across various mediums showcased her adaptability and the multifaceted nature of her talent.

Controversial Image Change: A Bold Move

In the year 2020, Imaray Ulloa made headlines when she chose to cut off her beautiful black hair. Some people thought this was a very bad choice, and her followers had a range of responses. But instead of hurting her work, this change made her more popular and showed that she could adapt to new situations.

Imaray’s choice to go through such a big change in appearance caused a lot of debate and discussion on social networks, making it a hot topic. Even though people were surprised and had mixed feelings at first, Imaray’s career kept going strong, showing that her skill and charm were more than just how she looked.

Relationships: From Marriage to New Beginnings

Imaray Ulloa’s personal life, especially her relationships, has been the source of rumours and interest. She has lived in the United States for almost ten years and has been married to actress Yubrán Luna for seven of those years.

People praised their strong relationship and the energy they gave off when they were together, even though they were a lot of years apart in age. Their work together on “Neither moon nor honey” made people like them, and now they are a popular couple on Cuban social media.

But after seven years together, their relationship had problems that caused them to break up and then get back together several times. Fans of their work were shocked when they finally said they were divorcing in August 2021. It looks like they agreed to break up on good terms. Luna said it was because he couldn’t handle Imaray’s faster-paced job growth.

After they broke up, Imaray fell in love again, this time with Dr. Fabián Fontaine, a famous plastic surgeon who had been her doctor in Miami. Even though there was some controversy and rumours about their relationship, it grew into a public statement of love. Imaray often posts pictures on social networks that show how happy she is and how much she admires Dr. Fontaine.

Her devoted fans have been paying close attention to the changes in Imaray’s personal life, which have included both difficulties and fresh starts.

Success and Recognition: A Journey of Achievements

Imaray Ulloa’s success isn’t just a stroke of luck; it’s the result of hard work, desire, and imaginative thinking. Her character “Tóxica” spoke for women by talking about things that other people might be afraid to say. The Premios Juventud 2021 gave her the Best Influencer award for this honest and relatable representation. This made her even more famous as one of the most important Cuban digital figures.

Due to her popularity on social media and the praise she got for her acting, Imaray became a popular person who brands and companies wanted to work with or endorse. She became famous because she could balance her acting skills with the needs of social media. Fans and people in the acting business admired her for this.

FAQs about Imaray Ulloa

How did Imaray Ulloa start her career in the United States?

Imaray Ulloa began her career in the United States by studying acting in Cuba and later immigrating to Miami. Despite facing challenges, she engaged in various roles, including working in a cafeteria and a beauty salon while also participating in theater to stay connected to her artistic roots.

What is the significance of the character “Tóxica” in Imaray Ulloa’s career?

The character “Tóxica” played a pivotal role in Imaray’s rise to social media stardom. The character, known for its humor and candidness, resonated with audiences on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, contributing significantly to her popularity.

How did Imaray Ulloa’s image change impact her career?

Imaray’s decision to cut her black hair in 2020 sparked controversy and discussions on social media. Despite initial mixed reactions, the change did not hinder her career; instead, it added to her popularity, showcasing her adaptability and ability to thrive amid transformations.

What are Imaray Ulloa’s achievements in the film industry?

Imaray Ulloa’s achievements in the film industry include starring in the short film “El Mar y Él,” which received accolades, including the Best Short at the New Jersey Summer Film Festival in 2015. Her work was recognized with awards at prestigious events, such as the Canes Film Festival and the Johns Hopkins Film Festival.

How did Imaray Ulloa navigate her personal relationships in the public eye?

Imaray Ulloa’s personal relationships, notably her marriage to actor Yubrán Luna, garnered attention in the public eye. The couple’s collaborative work on social media and subsequent separation unfolded for followers, providing insights into the complexities of personal life in the digital age.

What led to Imaray Ulloa’s separation from Yubrán Luna?

Reportedly, Imaray Ulloa and Yubrán Luna got divorced in August 2021 without any problems. Luna said it was hard to keep up with Imaray’s fast-paced job growth, which was one of the reasons they decided to break up.

Who is Imaray Ulloa’s current partner?

Imaray Ulloa’s current partner is Dr. Fabián Fontaine, a renowned plastic surgeon who was previously her doctor in Miami.

Imaray Ulloa: A Living Example of Cuban Perseverance

In Imaray Ulloa, we find a living example of Cuban perseverance. Her journey from a small Cuban town to the bustling city of Miami reflects not only her individual resilience but also the opportunities that social media can offer in the present era. Imaray’s ability to adapt, innovate, and consistently deliver content that resonates with diverse audiences has propelled her into the echelons of social media stardom.

Her achievements in acting, combined with her success on various social media platforms, underscore the evolving nature of the entertainment industry. Imaray’s capacity to seamlessly integrate traditional acting with the demands of the digital age speaks volumes about her versatility as an artist.

Despite the controversies surrounding her personal life and image changes, Imaray Ulloa has remained a beloved figure among her followers. Her authenticity, humor, and relatability have endeared her to millions, making her not just an influencer but an embodiment of the Cuban spirit transcending geographical boundaries.


The story of Imaray Ulloa shows how skill, determination, and the ability to adapt can change things in the film and television industry, which is always changing. People all over the world can relate to Imaray’s story, from her early struggles in Cuba to her rise to fame on social media in Miami. The conflicts, accomplishments, and personal details that have been shared on different platforms give a full picture of the actress.

Imara Ulloa is a public figure who is still figuring out her personal and work life. She is a symbol of Cuban determination and the endless possibilities that social media can give people who dare to dream. In her laughter, struggles, and victories, we see a story that goes beyond countries and connects with people all over the world. Imaray Ulloa isn’t just an influencer; she’s also an inspiration. She’s a live example of how strong and creative people can be.

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