How to Clean Uggs Without Ruining Them

Ugg boots are winter essentials because they provide extreme comfort. The maintenance of such garments, however, may pose some difficulty, especially if you want to avoid spoiling the fragile suede and sheepskin. This is a complete guide on how to wash your Uggs without spoiling them. We look at some of the best detergents to use together with other natural techniques so that your boot can serve you longer before replacement.

Understanding Ugg Boot Materials

However, before getting to the cleaning procedures, it is necessary to know about Uggs’ materials – suede and sheepskin. Having knowledge about these substances is what will guide you as you figure out an appropriate cleaning method that will not leave damage in the process.

How to Clean Uggs Without Ruining Them.

Brush Away Dirt and Debris:
Use a soft brush or a toothbrush to lightly rub off loose particles of dust from your UGG boots. # This straightforward process ensures that dirt doesn’t get into the suede.

Spot Cleaning with a Damp Cloth:
Small stains are removed by using cold water and damp cloth. Lightly dab the stain and the boot with a dry white cloth to absorb the stain and avoid soaking the boot.�

Vinegar Solution for Stains:
Use a diluted solution of one part water and one other part vinegar, preferably white vinegar (or weak acid). Use a dampened cloth to dab the solution on stained parts and allow the acidic nature of vinegar to break down those stubborn spots.

Baking Soda for Odor Removal:
Freshen up your Uggs overnight by sprinkling some baking soda into them. Baking soda absorbs odor and leaves your boots fresh.

Cornstarch for Grease Stains:
For grease stains, use cornstarch and leave it on the stained fabric for hours so that you can easily brush it off. The grease absorbing nature of this method ensures that the suede is not destroyed.

Eraser for Scuff Marks:
To remove these marks, use a pencil eraser rubbed gently onto the scuffs. This is very simple, which has no damage to the face but just makes it look good again.

Gentle Soap and Water Wash:
Dissolve mild soap in warm water and prepare the soapy solution. Damp cloth should be used for wiping down the whole boot, but without over-moistening it.

Stuff and Air Dry:
Stuff your Uggs with some newspaper pieces after cleaning, then dry them up in an open place which is far from sunshine.

Protect with a Water Repellent Spray:
Invest in a good water repellent spray dedicated to protect suede and sheepskin hence preventing future stains. Use it as a protective barrier before wearing your Uggs.

Best Cleaning Agents for Uggs

Suitable cleaning agents, especially those meant for suede and sheep skin is recommended for Uggs only. Consider shopping for soft products whose pH- is balanced, and which have no harsh chemicals in them. For instance, there are suede brushes, sheep skin cleaner/conditioner as well as various water repellents. They are made to clean and safeguard your Uggs without wearing them out.

Dish soap is it possible to clean uggs?

As much as dish soap is a common commodity in households, it cannot be used in washing Uggs. Dish soap contains strong chemicals that will take off its natural oils and thus lead to drying and possible damages. To make them last, use only special products intended for soft fabrics like suede, leather or sheepskin.

Cleaning Uggs Naturally

However, there are other ways of cleaning UGGs naturally that are efficient and eco-friendly too. Use naturally occurring cleaning products such as white vinegar, bicarbonate of soda, and cornstarch in your daily cleanup routine. They are friendly to the environment and will not harm your boots as they replace many harsh chemicals found in some store bought cleaning supplies

FAQs on Ugg Boot Care

Do Uggs need special cleaning?
Wear and exposure determine how often they should be cleaned. Daily brushing and spot cleaning should be sufficient once they wear it. Deep cleaning might be required at least once in a few months.

Will it be faster if I blow-dry my hair?
Do not use a hairdryer or any direct heat source, because the boots will start changing their form and the materials will get damaged. The safest way involves air-drying at room temperature.

Can one wear Uggs during wet weather?
Although uggs are not completely waterproof, using a water repellent spray may offer some degree of respite. Nonetheless, you should refrain from using them in intense rains and snow so as not to have damaging effect of water on them.


Cleaning your uggs should not seem like a dreadful exercise. Knowing the material to use, applying appropriate cleaners including natural methods of treating them will maintain your boots toasty and fashionable seasons later on. Do not ruin your Ugg by using any of those ten natural clean-up strategies.

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